The Faces of Jason Todd

  • Tyler Hoechlin (Adult)
  • Cody Christian (Teen)
  • Jake Cherry (Kid)
  • Kristen Stewart (Female)
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Anonymous → Kid meme: Capsicle/Deathy


  • Name: Marianna Lynn Rogers-Todd
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance: Like both her parents when they were younger, she’s pretty gangly and has a crazy metabolism. When she was younger, she was taller than just about everyone her age; older, she’s shorter than most. Her hair is usually some combination of red, blonde and brown, and her eyes are blue.
  • Personality: She’s spunky and loud, and likes to harass her parents by pestering them to kiss more. She’s a little fangirl in her own right, even as a kid. Anna likes to give affection and see affection. She doesn’t quite like it when other kids are bullied and usually rushes in head first - but knows how to get herself out of trouble so her parents are usually never called in.
  • Special Talents: She likes to pencil sketch, mostly people (and is very good at realism as she gets older); she’s also a bit scary good with her aim with a pistol.
  • Who they like better: It’s a tie.
  • Who they take after more: Steve
  • Personal Head canon: Her hair likes to change between blonde, red, and brunette depending on the season.
  • Face Claim: Joey King
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Anonymous → Jason and Kor


  • Name: Trin’a Todd
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance: Her hair varies from light red to hot red depending on the season, and is generally wavy - the shorter it is, the curlier it gets. Her eyes are bright blue. She has light skin but tans extremely easily.
  • Personality: Bright, quirky, smart and quick-thinking. She’s very straight-forward and blunt usually; but she knows what she’s saying. She’s extremely empathetic and sympathetic - especially to her dads (or mom & dad, depending). If one of them is upset, she usually ends up upset.
  • Special Talents: Flight; Tamaranean abilities; learned how to hot wire a car from Jason; perceptive.
  • Who they like better: That depends on the day since they both let her get away with everything.
  • Who they take after more: … Both, actually.
  • Personal Head canon: There’s been more than one occasion in which Jason and Kor have been upset at the same time, and she started crying; which eventually caused Kor to cry - which then got Jason to start crying because both of them were crying and it turned into a giant crying fest. They got some odd looks.
  • Face Claim: Brooklynn Proulx
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derek is rather done with your shit

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About Visionary 

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Tyler Hoechlin at The Today Show (10-02-2014)

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